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Friday, December 20 2013

The pointed heel has been the female community's go to shoe since it's creation and it's pretty obvious why. The pointed pump, boot, flat, comes with an air of sophistication, no matter what outfit you're wearing or what even you're at

Friday, December 06 2013

The Gladiator style was been around for a good minute, but up until recently  we've noticed that it has been gaining momentum. With people getting bolder and crazier with their personal style, designers have to keep up. The length of gladiators have been getting higher and their treament has been getting wider. You'll see spikes, studs, metallics, bows, plastic, as well as stiletto, wedge, and flat versions.

Thursday, November 21 2013

It seems like all we really want in life are hybrid of two popular things. Cronut anyone? The mule is a hybrid that has been around for awhile and what was once reserved for frump clogs, is now getting a face lift.

Sunday, November 10 2013

We know boots are the most obvious staple for a fall wardrobe, but what we're seeing are buckles and straps! Belted boots are in almost every collection of any reputable designer and it's not hard to see why. This simple piece of hardware can take a pair of what would have been generic boots and give them a notch up (pun intended?) on all your other pairs. We're seeing them on knee highs, ankle booties, and even with some cut outs!

Back in August we invited influencers from all over the world to join in our official FN PLATFORM blogger program. They walked the floor, discovered new brands, shred their favorites in a daily roundtable and even got to hang out with Kristen Cavallari!

Thursday, October 24 2013

Giddy up! Pony hair is all the rage and it's not hard to see why. This super chic material is a subtle way to sophisticate any look! Not just for the dressier shoe, pony hair has been used to accommodate the more casual fashionistas by being transformed into sneakers and sandals.

Monday, October 14 2013

This season, we had some of our savvy trend spotters on the look for the trendiest shoes at the London Fashion Week shows. As well all know, no matter how great your outfit is, if the shoes don't work, then it most certainly ain't right! Outside of Somerset house we found that the shoes being worn were of the edgiest kind.

Last month our social team were lucky enough to find themselves across the pond at London Fashion Week. In the interest of encompassing all things sartorial, the British Fashion Council host, not just runway shows, but a set of designer showrooms, featuring accessories - from jewels, to hats, to of course our passion, shoes!

Friday, October 04 2013

Leslie Gallin, VP of Footwear at Advanstar with Marie Claire Editors.

The Running with Heels girls joined our very own Leslie Gallin VP of Footwear at Advanstar at the Marie Claire x Saks Fifth Avenue #SHOESFIRST event last night in NYC to celebrate the art of putting #SHOESFIRST with some of our favorite FN PLATFORM brands, here's their report:

Wednesday, October 02 2013

Need a little help picking out a pair for this fall? Luckily we did a bit of research for you and found some of our favorites available at Saks for ‘SHOES FIRST’, an exciting month long celebration inspired by Marie Claire’s editor Nina Garcia. In case you missed it, Project Runway even dedicated an episode to SHOES FIRST, in which each designer had to begin their creative inspiration around a pair of shoes provided by FN PLATFORM exhibitors.

The second day of my time at FN PLATFORM was spent exploring another area of the show, Camp. Filled with more practical shoes- from soft soled cushioned numbers, Cowboy boots in every print and pattern imaginable and breathable soles- this was every busy gals dream (and if you were thinking stylish shoes couldn't be practical you were definitely wrong).

Wednesday, August 21 2013

Today I had a chance to explore the multiple streets of FN PLATFORM's Zen. Zen has all the shoes to keep your feet happy. Zen specializes in comfortable shoes, everything from high heels to men's dress shoes - all can be found here. At times it can be difficult to find a stylish pair of comfortable shoes but with the variety of options and technology available now I'm sure you'd be able to find something to suit your style.

Wednesday, August 21 2013

Today was the last day of the FN PLATFORM show and I'm feeling both happy and sad. Happy because my poor feet are about to fall off from hours upon hours or standing and walking in heels, but sad because I'll miss the other bloggers I got to know during the show.
The show was amazing and I was really happy to be a part of it.

My third and final day has been packed with last minute snapping, some shoe discussions (for good measure), and a final look around my base for the last  three days. With this morning's chat being based around the Eco and Active camps at FN PLATFORM, it was interesting to discover trend led brands with a huge focus on comfort and sustainability. I managed to discover Portuguese designed and produced Fidji and amazingly versatile Mark Lemp footwear- who specialized in wide, narrow and made to measure footwear- amazing for a wide footed gal like myself.

We looked to the styles in Zen for inspiration for the morning’s round table discussion. Walking around the floor we saw several styles from brands that promise comfort along with fashion, but we eventually settled on Kork-Ease as our brand of choice. Although not located in zen, we were won over by the soft insoles all of Kork-Ease shoes are made with, as they were a relief to feel in comparison to the rock solid soles of most other shoes that have caught our eye.

Wednesday, August 21 2013

Don't forget to get 'gammin' with us and share your insta-moments on the FN PLATFORM floor with the hashtag #FNPLATFORM



Tuesday, August 20 2013

Don't forget  to get 'gammin' with us and share your insta-moments on the FN PLATFORM with the hashtag #FNPLATFORM

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For day two of FN PLATFORM we had a great time sitting down for a round table discussion with Kristen Cavallari about the launch of her shoe collection with Chinese Laundry. Her new collection includes an adorable pointed toe flats, versatile and statement booties and an updated version of her most popular shoe from last season.

Today we met with the beautiful and talented Kristen Cavalleri and discussed her 3rd collection for Chinese Laundry.

Hi guys!  I met and interviewed Kristen Cavallari who was really nice and beautiful and answered all of our questions.  We had another panel to talk about Camp shoes at FN PLATFORM. I chose two different brands: Lacoste and Sebago. Both were all white and bright colors, which are perfect for summer! :)

- Alexandra

Tuesday, August 20 2013

Don't forget to get 'grammin' with us and share your insta-moments on the FN PLATFORM floor with the hashtag #FNPLATFORM!

FN PLATFORM offers an abundant of so many wonderful shoes it's hard to contain my excitement. Similar to a kid in a candy store or like a child's first time at Disneyland - I'm overwhelmed with joy.Why am I so interested in the shoe section of MAGIC?

Hi! It's my first day in Vegas and I couldn´t be happier. After missing my first round table because I was totally lost at MAGIC, I finally met the team and it´s fantastic. During the afternoon I had the opportunity to choose two different pairs of shoes and talk about them at the second round table. I chose a simple sandal with gold details and animal print touches from Pura Lopez and a second classical shoe in white, that is not my favorite color for shoes but this model was pretty nice. I can´t wait for tonight´s David Cassidy concert!! See you tomorrow!

My first day at Magic's FN PLATFORM has been a complete whirlwind (and filled with shoes of course). Aside from feeling incredibly nervous, I was extremely excited to hit the floor and get exploring, and meet some incredible bloggers from across the world.

The first day at Platform was amazing. Walking around the show and seeing hundreds of brands both new to me and familiar was so exciting!

Saturday, August 17 2013

Want to see your image here? Make sure you tag your Instagrams #RoadtoMAGIC

Saturday, August 17 2013

FN PLATFORM, the most influential business forum in the U.S. for the footwear industry, is just days away, and with that an impressive line-up of brands, events, seminars, and important designer appearances are expected.

Wednesday, August 14 2013

We’ve all had a fantasy of running away to some small town with no name in the desert and becoming the law breaking cowboy or girl and live out our lives as dusty vigilantes. For years cowboys have been apart of our lives at one point and time; whether it was a child playing ‘Cowboys & Indians’, to our early adult years watching James Dean in Giant. It’s been the go to “easy” costume for Halloween and it’s no wonder why. Most of the cowboys we’ve witnessed have had the same sort of uniform time after time; denim and leather.

Wednesday, August 14 2013

We caught up with FN PLATFORM exhibitor Miss L Fire to discover what they have in store for Spring 2014 and get the scoop on their move to Hollywood!

Name of Blog: Running With Heels

When did you start blogging and why?
I interned at Running with Heels in 2009. It was a time when blogging wasn’t exactly at the forefront of style and trendsetting in the way that it is today.

Name of Blog:Running with Heels

When did you start blogging and why?
I initially came on to Running with Heels as Associate Editor in August of 2011. Before writing for RWH, I worked in public relations for a magazine publishing company, which was a great experience, but didn’t allow me to have much creative freedom when it came to writing.

Name of Blog: What Olivia Did

When did you start blogging and why?
I started about three years ago, after my best friend introduced me to a couple of amazing fashion blogs. I was busy at sixth form at the time, and then went on to start a university course I wasn't enjoying- so saw it as an amazing creative outlet and place to put all of my inspiration and loves.

Name of Blog: &

City, State: Los Angeles, CA ... USA

When did you start blogging and why?
I started when I was about 16. I used to post daily updates and photos to my Myspace account. i loved getting to interact with people who related to me and had similar interests.

Wednesday, August 07 2013

For the second season running FN PLATFORM welcomes it's own team of digital style gurus, these bloggers, hailing from all over the country (as well as the UK and Spain!) will walk the floor, tweeting and instagramming all their favorite finds from our FNP exhibitors.

Thinking ahead to Spring 2014 is no easy task - the runways haven't happened, the trend forecasters can get pricey - but fortunately for us, we have Leslie Gallin

Tuesday, July 23 2013

We sat down with Laura Villasenin of Miista, one of the hottest shoe designers around to learn a little more about her rise to shoe stardom and see what's in store for Spring 2014.

Friday, July 05 2013

As a MAGIC MARKET WEEK staffer you can be sure there is one thing we appreciate more than anything - comfy, trendy and plainly awesome shoes. Sure, we love heels, but when you're walking the length of five football fields fifty times a day, cute but comfy is essential.

Monday, June 24 2013

A month or so ago the FN PLATFORM social media team found ourselves in New Orleans. Being the complete shoe addicts we are we weren't able to go a whole weekend without actually shoe shopping, but lucky for us New Orleans is home to some pretty fab shoe shops.

Thursday, May 30 2013

Acrylic, lucite, perspex and good old plastic, a trend once relegated to the, err, ladies of the night, has evolved and is not going away anytime soon. From perspex heels to peek-a-boo panels, Barbie Girl said it best.

Wednesday, May 22 2013

Something wonderful is happening in the realm of men’s shoe design. Here are three emerging brands with a unique approach to design to keep an eye on, new at FN PLATFORM this August

Tuesday, May 14 2013

Taking style cues from your favorite Hollywood stylistas and trendsetters is now easier than ever with many top shoe brands allowing celebrities to bring their style to shoppers through capsule collections. These collaborations allow brands to essentially connect to a new market through their stylish stars, while fans can shop designs at an affordable price.

Coco Chanel once said; "I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature; lace always evokes for me those incomparable designs which the branches and leaves of trees embroider across the sky, and I do not think that any invention of the human spirit could have a more graceful or precise origin."

Thursday, March 14 2013

We scanned our Instagram to get the scoop on all the digital trends spotted at FN PLATFORM – but what did we find? Shiny shoes, sparkly shoes - shoes from another galaxy - these fabrications are out of this world... and we love them!

Thursday, March 07 2013

Much like the designs that are pumped out of it’s academic doors, Pensole Footwear Design Academy is an original. An actual one-of-a-kind design school targeting a small, but highly impactful corner of the design industry.

Friday, March 01 2013

We scanned our Instagram to get the scoop on all the digital trends spotted at FN PLATFORM - one of our favourites? Architectural shoes!

Friday, February 22 2013

We had six fabulous bloggers running round the FN PLATFORM floor this season, covering all the trends and discovering new favourites - here are a couple of our favourite pics picked from our exclusive Road to MAGIC blog and the influencers Instagrams!

Saturday, February 16 2013

Say Hello. 

On your plane, in the lobby, in line or at FedEx, you are here to get a job done, which requires networking. No one knows everyone so, you may not know who he or she is, and they may not know you, but say hi and introduce yourself. It doesn't always have to lead somewhere, but it can so be open to it.

Saturday, February 16 2013

Creating modern, edgy, and affordable footwear for all types of fashionable women is certainly a devoted affair for Michael Antonio, a family owned footwear group established by generations of shoemakers.

Thursday, February 14 2013

Pre Packs

Most of the time footwear brands sell under pre pack and pre pay standards.  Pre pack by trade terms is a set number of set sizes of a particular style. Most pre packs in the footwear world are 12 to 18 pairs. Standard size run usually goes from 5 to 10 with some variance.

Thursday, February 14 2013

Make Shoes Work for You: Space & Selling Tools

Having support material for footwear is important to some consumers. What people see in magazines, press or blogs helps dictate buying trends. When shopping the show for shoes, ask your reps if they have press clippings they can send you to post on your store blog or print to place in the store display, at the cash wrap etc.

Monday, February 11 2013

As much as any girl loves her sky‐high stilettos, Cuban‐heeled boots are back on the feet of fashionistas as a key style for Fall. No more tottering around in staggering heels to look like the cool, urban-polished chick.

Monday, February 11 2013

This season at FN PLATFORM we're welcoming some very special guests, our FNP Influencers. Flying in from all over the globe these bloggers will be blogging, Instagramming, Facebooking and Tweeting their favorite discoveries from the show floor all week long.

As one of Britain’s leading designers and manufacturers, Oliver Sweeney is truly keeping the art of shoe making alive. Although primarily known for its array of men’s shoes, the brand also offers outerwear, a wide assortment of accessories, as well as shoe options for women.

Thursday, February 07 2013

Do Your Homework

Any trade show can be overwhelming, MAGIC Market Week is one of the biggest in the world and FN PLATFORM can sometimes feel like an endless sea of shoes, which, whilst tremendously exciting, is quite intimidating to the first time buyer.

Thursday, January 31 2013

Refreshingly chic yet stylishly practical, the Coye Nokes footwear collection is transcendentally in step with the sartorial needs of today's modern woman.

Thursday, January 31 2013

The pointed toe has come and gone over the past few decades, with it's last over-exaggerated come back arriving almost a decade ago. Since then, the pointed toe has been replaced with the often twee and distinctively curvy toed pumps, flats and boots that have ruled the trends from high end designer runways to mall stores.

Thursday, January 31 2013

Be Original

The key to buying in general is to be original and know your customers, and when it comes to shoes, which can be a very emotionally driven purchase (want, need, covet), this is especially true.

Thursday, January 31 2013

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