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Instagram Stories provides a new format to reach customers, and a special opportunity to provide an unedited, real-time look at your brand. Read on for a list of best practices, tips, and great content ideas, and start sharing your Story.

"Every amazing outfit first starts with a fabulous pair of shoes.” —Nina Garcia, Creative Director, Marie Claire. 

Tune in for the second installment of #FollowFridays with FN PLATFORM.  Your feed is about to get a whole lot more fabulous. 

The FN PLATFORM Giveaway series is coming to a close with Ops & Ops.  Don't miss out on your last chance to win before the Las Vegas show. 

We're taking a look back at some of the shoes that got the most 'grams of 2015, from loud and attention grabbing to minimal and clean.  

How to develop an Instagram marketing strategy for footwear fashion brands. 

Here are nine footwear brands that show at FN PLATFORMWSA and Sole Commerce and have some of the best Instagram accounts in fashion.